FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Question: When will I receive my ticket in the mail?
Answer: There are no physical tickets being mailed out for the VIP or UVIP events. Your email / text confirmation you received upon ordering is your ticket.
Question: What do I need to bring with me to show proof of purchase?
Answer: Please bring your email or text confirmation with you on show day either printed or digitally!
Question: Does my VIP ticket include general admission to the show?
Answer: No. VIP / UVIP tickets are upgrades on top of General Admission tickets. You must have a General admission ticket in addition to your VIP ticket to enter the venue.
Question: Where can I buy a general admission ticket?
Answer: You can find general admission tickets for all tour stops on http://www.johnnyorlandomusic.com/tour/ under the "tickets" button next to your city of choice.
Question: How will you verify my purchase? 
Answer: We will have a master list at the door upon arrival at the venue to cross reference order numbers to your confirmation.
Question: If I am a parent do I need a VIP ticket to accompany my child in the VIP / UVIP event?
Answer: No, as a parent you only need a general admission ticket to accompany your child to either VIP event.
Question: I just placed an order and haven't received a email confirmation! 
Answer: Please check your Spam Folder. If you have still not received a confirmation please email tour@4amprojects.com for assistance.
Question: I can't attend the show anymore, can I receive a refund for my VIP ticket?
Answer: Unfortunately we do not accept refunds or returns.